Use of your cottage is defined by our Owners' Agreement and associated By-Laws (much like a Condominium Agreement/By-Laws).  During each of your assigned annual five weeks of use; you'll have access to enjoy your cottage.  You can choose to trade weeks with other owners, rent your weeks to guests, or exchange your weeks through RCI; recognized as the world's largest exchange company with 3,900 resorts in more than 100 countries.  Ownership of each cottage is comprised of ten equal shares.  Each share purchased entitles you to five weeks at the cottage every year.

Every 'Interval' or "Share" of Inaski is assigned a specific Cottage, a specific Interval for future week selections, a specifc "Fixed" Summer Week, along with four additional weeks of assigned use; one from each of the four additional seasons at Inaski. Inaski has established five seasons (Spring, Summer "Fixed", Fall, Winter and Additional) of use; each a ten week block to assign to each of the "Intervals" of that cottage.

These seasons and the specific weeks which makeup these seasons are identified annually in advance by the Association (based on Association documents). The Association is a not-for-profit company whose Board of Directors are owners, elected by the voting members of the Association; the interval owners. An Annual General Meeting is held each April.


When you become an owner of a cottage at Inaski Shores, you don't have to worry about a thing; except whether you'd rather spend the day canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, fishing, swimming, or strolling along your own private beach on Shadow Lake in the magnificent Kawartha Lakes.

This is Fractional Shared Ownership; not a 'time share'!  You own lakefront property and a beautiful cottage; sharing the cost of this ownership.  This is not leased land and there is no 'for profit' company oversight; this is lakefront property ownership; but sharing its cost and its use.

Remember, everything is included in the purchase price and the Annual fees.  Which means, there are no additional repair costs, taxes or insurance, utility bills or property maintenance to worry about.  Even the housekeeping and maintenance is handled by a property management company hired by the ownership of Inaski - providing you with fresh towels and linens for your freshly made beds every week.  Your 'Fraction' of the operational expenses of the property and all its cottages is divided equally amongst the 60 'Fractions'.  The 'Annual Fee' is determined by owners, through their elected Board of Directors; with each annual budget being reviewed and approved by the Owners themselves.  This Annual fee includes a capital reserve contribution calculated to handle future renewal and replacment costs of your investment (ie. new roofs, new appliances, new flooring, etc....).

All you have to do is pack your personal bags, drive less than two hours from Toronto, then sit back and enjoy your vacation.

With an Inaski Shores cottage, you are buying into all the benefits of cottage ownership, at a fraction of the price and responsibility.

Almost 7 acres of waterfront property shared by a small enclave of 6 cottages.


What is fractional or shared ownership?

Shared or Fractional ownership is a smart and cost effective way to own a cottage. Fractional ownership allows the full cost of the waterfront property and the cottage to be equally distributed amongst a group of owners. At Inaski Shores, purchasers will have a 1/10th share of their cottage and 1/60th share of the property which offers an approximate 450 feet of natural shoreline and 6.5 private acres of land.

Fractional Cottage Ownership is NOT a Timeshare which provides you the right to access a for-profit company's resort at annual fees and terms determined by the for-profit company.

Fractional Cottage Ownership is NOT a Mobile Trailer Park, providing you access to a small leased trailer pad to park a Mobile Trailer upon along with upwards of 145+ other family trailers. The land on these Trailer Park Resorts is owned by a for-profit company that provides the management of the Park. The annual maintenance fee is determined by the for-profit company and does not cover any future expenses relating to the interior or exterior of your Trailer, nor any expenses related to its upkeep (housekeeping, repairs, telephone/cable/satalite/internet subscriptions, insurance, etc...).

Fractional Cottage Ownership is OWNERSHIP of a share of a not-for-profit company that owns the land, its amenities and cottages. Annual operational budgets are established by its owners, no profit added, to maintain the property and its cottages completely (all insurance, taxes, housekeeping, maintenance and groundskeeping; all repairs, telephone/satellite/internet subsriptions and utilities, etc...).

Fractional Cottage Ownership is TURNKEY; you arrive to a clean cottage with all bedding, linens, towels, equiped kitchen and living areas. When you leave, your cottage is turned over to housekeeping and maintenance personnel who 'reset' the cottage. All bedding is professionally laundered. All towels are washed, dried and placed back in closets. Floors, windows, counters, bathrooms and living areas are cleaned and swept; ready for the cottage's next Fractional Owner to arrive and begin to enjoy their cottage.  At Inaski, our owners' assigned weeks start and end on Fridays.  Owners depart by mid-day Friday and the next owners may arrive after 5pm that afternoon; during which time our housekeepers and maintenance personnel 'reset' your cottage and the property as a whole.

Fractional Cottage Ownership is year-around 'brick and motar' luxury Cottage ownership. Fractional Cottage Ownership is NOT three-season mobile trailer ownership requiring winterization and spring 'opening'; sharing row upon row of trailer pads/plots with other owners; most of whom will be 'lake access' or 'lake view' trailer pads/plots; not lakefront.

Fractional Cottage Ownership provides you limited use of your cottage. Our intervals provide you 5 full weeks of use each year; one week in each of five seasons. This works for most people's lives who cannot afford to be carrying the costs of two properties or have the time to maintain two properties. Five weeks for many of our owners is just what they like; a treat each time they have a week at their cottage. If five weeks isn't enough; you can own more than a single interval in your cottage!  Two Intervals = 10 Assigned Weeks Annually; Three Intervals = 15 Assigned Weeks Annually!

Be careful when comparing Fractional Cottage Ownership Properties with Mobile Trailer Parks advertizing themselves as Cottage Ownership Resorts. These vacation options are NOT equal; each has merits; make sure that you find the one that really works for you!  

Over 400' of shoreline with a private shared beach, boardwalk, gazebo and three docks to provide each cottage with a slip.

Can I rent my unit to family, friends or to the public?

Yes, you have the option to loan or rent your cottage. You are responsible for your cottage during your assigned week.

Liability and responsibility only transferable if loaned, rented or swapped with another owner of the Association bound by our Owners Agreement (By-Laws).

Alternatively, Inaski Shores is also a Silver Crown registered RCI Property ( April 2014). If you are or become a member with RCI, you may choose to bank some of your annual assigned weeks through RCI to leverage your ownership in Inaski and access other travel destinations worldwide. Liability and responsibility does transfer if ‘banked’ in this way.

Why is shared ownership superior to full ownership?

Cottage ownership can be an expensive proposition. A traditional waterfront cottage can be a sizable investment and the carrying costs of mortgaging your cottage can make it out of reach. Along with the costs of purchase are the operating costs of waterfront property taxes, ongoing maintenance, insurance, etc. As well, even though the costs of full ownership continue 12 months out of the year, few people can actually enjoy their cottage for more than a limited time period. With shared ownership you only purchase the time you actually spend at the cottage.

How are the weeks of ownership chosen?

Each Interval owners is guaranteed one Fixed Summer week annually. The other four weeks float and are chosen each year based on a seasonal calendar that is divided into five seasons (Fixed Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter and Additional).

Fixed Summer Weeks are determined each year as "the ten (10) consecutive week period ending on the Friday immediately preceding Labour Day each calendar year". 

Each Interval held by an owner is also assigned an 'Interval' number.  This Interval identifier is used annually (normally in late August, early September) to determine how floating weeks (Spring, Fall, Winter and Additional) are assigned for the following year.   To determine how your annual 'picks' are fairly choosen, a Rotational Selection Chart is used annually to provide a fair and rotational method of allowing owners of each cottage to make their 'picks' for the following year.  Once all owner 'picks' are received by the established due date; all 'picks' are processed during the selection chart priorities and all owners are informed shortly afterwards of their floating weeks for the following year (normally in late September).

Once the master schedule is made; individual owners then have the opportunity to make their own plans, perhaps dialogue with other owners  to further swap or rent weeks amongst themselves.  There is great flexibility within our fractional ownership model.  The Association has setup an intranet web based 'owners' portal' where information is available and owners have an opportunity to post weeks for swap/rent and/or communicate amongst themselves.

Can I sell my cottage share(s)?

Your shares are yours to keep within your family, bequeath in your estate or sell at your discretion. Each owner is bound by our Owners Association Owners' Agreement and associated By-Laws.

The sale of a cottage share is a private transaction between the current Owner and an interested Buyer. The transaction is explicitly overseen by the Association’s Legal Counsel so that all three parties’ (Owner, Buyer and the Association) interests are represented. When an Owner/Seller and a Buyer have agreed on the terms of sale, the Owner/Seller and the Buyer would then contact our Association’s Legal Counsel to initiate the legal process of transferring ownership of the cottage share.

The Association’s Legal Counsel is:
250 University Avenue, Suite 700,
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3E5
Tel: 416-214-5237 / 877-214-5200x237 c/o Ms. Seeley.

There are three fees involved in each transfer/sale of a cottage share. Legal Fees ~$1228 (as of December 2017; inclusive of HST, normally shared 50/50 between Buyer and Seller). Association Interval Transfer fee of $200 (as prescribed by the Association’s Owners’ Agreement and By-Laws, assumed by the Seller). Land Transfer Tax for Beneficial Interest of ~$275 (as prescribed by the Government of Ontario, Reference: Land Transfer Tax for Benefical Interest Webpage April 2014, assumed by the Buyer).

Can other owners smoke in my unit?

All the cottages at Inaski are designated non-smoking at all times.  Strict fines are levied; should anyone ever wish not to respect our Owners' Agreement policies.

How many owner Internvals are there in each cottage?

There are 10 Five-Week Intervals per cottage. Some owners purchase multiple Intervals within the same cottage; or perhaps even among cottages; giving them 5, 10, 15... weeks of cottage use annually.

Is boat dockage available?

Yes, the property has private boat docking during your stay. Currently, there are three docks providing one slip per cottage. The property has its own boat launch into Shadow Lake.

Are pets allowed?

While some cottages are designated pet friendly, others are designated pet free. This will be strictly enforced due to the fact that some owners have allergies that make it dangerous to their health if a pet has been in their cottage.  Cottages 1, 4 and 5 are Pet Friendly and Cottages 2, 3 and 6 are designated as Pet Free.

How many cottages are on the Inaski site?

There are six (6) lakefront cottages. All cottages air-conditioned and forced-air heated to provide year-round use. This ensures you and your family a private intimate experience , sharing almost 7 acres with only six cottages. 

Each Cottage (as prescribed by our Owners’ Agreement and associated By-Laws) has a maximum occupancy of 8 persons. 

Can you drink the water?

Yes!  All cottages are supplied by treated (water treatment on property) lake water that exceeds Ministry of Ontario water quality standards. The property’s water is analyzed by the Ministry of Health quarterly and monitored by the Association weekly. All cottages are on a common property septic system.

What happens to my "Interval" shared ownership if I die?

Your shares are yours to keep within your family, bequeath in your estate or sell at your discretion.  They are part of your estate and as such can be determined at your discretion.

How do ongoing property management decisions get made for the property?

The Corporation, Inaski Shores Owners Association, and its Shareholders own all the property and buildings. All decisions regarding the property and cottages are made by you and your fellow owners. A volunteer Board of Directors serves at the pleasure of the Association representing the interests of the share holders. Oversight and governance of the Association and its property is managed through this Board.

What are the annual property maintenance fees?

Less than you think. Our Annual Fees are roughly $600/week for each interval. The Association has managed a balanced budget each year with modest increases to deal with the relative cost increases related to property taxes, insurance, maintenance, management and utilities. 

In 2018, our annual fees were established at $3640 per Interval; inclusive of HST.
In 2019, our annual fees were established at $3640 per Interval, inclusive of HST, dispite a 1.9% increase in our budget, the increase was offset by an operational surplus in 2018.
In 2020, our annual fees were again established at $3640 per Interval, inclusive of HST, dispite a 3.2% increase in our budget. The increase was again offset by an operational surplus in 2019.

Don't despire, we haven't been sales taxed twice, as the goods and services the property purchases are taxed, we receive ITC (interval tax credits) back through the year; refunding the property for the tax it paid on behalf of the ownership. 

What is included in the fees?

Everything; All the costs to operate and maintain your cottage (and its surrounding common property) including all taxes, insurance, refurbishment (capital) reserve, property management, garbage removal, lawn maintenance, dock maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, housecleaning, WiFi internet access, landline phone, satellite service, cottage contents, common amenities (beach, watercraft, docks, boardwalk, tennis court, children’s playground, walking trails, in-ground heated pool, air-conditioning, heat and hydro.

All this, for less than $100/day, for ownership of 5 weeks annually of a lakefront cottage.

What are my responsibilities as an Interval Owner?

Apart from enjoying your five (5) weeks of assigned enjoyment annually in your designated Cottage (as per the terms of your Interval ownership setout in our Owners’ Agreement and By-Laws), you are responsible as a share holder of our Not-For-Profit Cottage Association. You would be responsible for the assigned annual Maintenance Fees; which would represent 1/60th (per Interval) of the Annual Operating Budget (which includes Capital Reserve Funding) established annually. You would also be responsible for abiding by all Policies and Practices (of use) of our Owners’ Agreement and associated By-Laws along with an annual responsibility to attend our Annual General Meeting (which can be met by Proxy) to allow the Association to annually pass its Budgets and participate in governance decisions.

6 Goldrock Road
City of Kawartha Lakes
Coboconk, Ontario
K0M 1K0


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